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Maguires are a Specialist Business Crime Defence Law Firm

Based at the heart of the business community in Manchester,  Maguires pride themselves upon being business friendly and many of our clients are Limited Companies. We advise and defend in the broad range of circumstances in which businesses encounter criminal investigations and prosecutions. Here are some of the areas where we have advised and successfully defended-

  • Health and Safety Executive investigations- Don’t wait until it is too late, ask for advice today on how you comply with the ever increasing regulatory framework affecting safety at work. Accidents will happen, but with Maguire’s Experts guiding you,  you can be confident that you are not culpable.
  • Revenue and Customs- Whether at  First Tier Tax Tribunals or in some the largest  Criminal Prosecutions this Country has seen, Ronan Maguire has successfully represented and defended business people against the awesome power of Her Majesties Revenue and Customs. Years of experience have taught us to engage with Revenue and Customs early, and years of contact have allowed us to establish the relationships to allow us to do that. However if your relationship with HMRC has already broken down irretrievably, you will find no stronger ally than the  Experts at Maguires
  • SFO- The Serious Fraud Office are committed to a strategic approach to the problem of National and International Fraud. Deferred Prosecution Agreements are likely to feature more and more as the focus is more heavily upon Co-operation in an effort to avoid expensive and often futile litigation. Once again Maguires existing relationships, built up over many years of dealing directly with the SFO mean that we are ideally placed to achieve the best possible outcome for you and your business in this new landscape.
  • Corruption and Bribery- Organisations are increasingly being made responsible for the actions of their employees. The Bribery Act 2010 encourages transparency and has the potential to come down very hard on those who do not put in place adequate measures to prevent acts of Corruption or Bribery. Maguires regularly defend in cases of this sort, including cases involving the Police and Public officials as well commercial organisations.
  • Trading Standards- Increasingly Local authorities are taking action against businesses for breaching trading standards legislation. Whether with the assistance of the Police or not, such investigations can be crippling to businesses of whatever size. Also the Penalties can involve lengthy terms of Imprisonment. Maguires have defended in some of the largest Prosecutions of this sort anywhere in the Country. Our experience in this area leaves us ideally placed to represent you or your business.