Maguires were recently instructed to represent K in Confiscation Proceedings. During the course of the case, the benefit figure represented the largest single Confiscation Order sought in British legal history, having increased by £360 million, from an initial amount of £19 million, all of which it was suggested was hidden and therefore available.

The specialist Proceeds of Crime team at Maguires Solicitors successfully managed to vastly reduce both the benefit figure and the available amount to £650,000. The process involved detailed analysis of multi-jurisdictional bank accounts, a process which took the proceedings well past the usual two years, and at the conclusion, the presiding Judge remarked ‘I am a Circuit Judge who sat for, I think, 12 years now and it is the most difficult, no two ways about it’.

Despite the lengthy litigation, and for all the complexities of the case, Maguires also managed to subsequently vary the Order to reduce the amount by another £40,000 – a testament to how our team can help, even after the Order has been made.

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