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Maguires Solicitors are well versed in Handling POCA Cases

POCA stands for Proceeds of Crime Application and is a hearing at the Crown Court to decide whether someone who has pleaded guilty or been found guilty of a criminal offence should hand over any money to the Crown if they decide it was made due to criminal activity. For example, if a person is found guilty of supplying drugs the prosecution will use an expert to determine how much money they think that person will have made from that offence.

It is extremely important that you have a solicitor with experience in this area of expertise so that they can guide you through the process and represent your best interests. The court can order that any assets can be taken from you in order to pay this money back, this can mean losing your home, car or other significant items of value.

Maguires Solicitors have dealt with numerous POCA cases and successfully reduced the amounts to be handed over significantly and sometimes even to zero.