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Maguires Can Provide Free Police Station Representation

Emergency 24 hour Police Station Representation following an arrest

If you find yourself under arrest you are entitled to FREE legal advice and assistance at the police station. In this situation Maguires Solicitors can attend at any time of day or night, just ask the police to call us, they have our phone number through the Duty Solicitor Call Centre.

You should never go unrepresented at the police station as the evidence collected during an interview can be used against you.

IF YOU ASK FOR MAGUIRES SOLICITORS AT ANY TIME WHILE YOU ARE DETAINED AT THE POLICE STATION THE POLICE MUST GET IN CONTACT WITH US SO THAT WE CAN TALK WITH YOU. Our contact details are held by ‘The Duty Solicitor Call Centre’ so all police custody officers can get in touch with us straight away.

After an initial arrest and interview the police will continue to investigate any suspected crime. If they feel they have gathered enough evidence, they will charge you with the offence. Often before a charging decision the police will submit their evidence to the Crown Prosecution Service – the CPS- for advice. These prosecution lawyers will then advise the police what to do.

Several things can happen at this stage:

Bailed Back
This means that further investigation is required or more time is needed to consider the matter by the CPS. So the person arrested is given police bail, which means they are free to go until they must return to the police station at the time and date stated. There may be conditions added to the police bail, but our solicitors advise on an individual basis in this circumstance.

The police caution or warn you formally about the offence in question. This caution will be kept as a record by the police and may be used as evidence in the future.

This stands for No Further Action, this means that the investigation is now over and that unless further evidence comes to light the police and CPS intend to take no further action against you.

Charged & Bailed to court
This is when the CPS decide that there is enough evidence against you to prove in court that you are guilty of an offence. This does not mean you are guilty, that is for the court to decide. At this stage it is important that you have an experienced and specialist firm of solicitors, such as Maguires, to put your defence forward. At this point you will be given a court date and you should call us straight away and we can discuss how we can help you on 0161 835 9872.

Charged & Remanded
This is the same as above, however you are not given bail and instead are kept in custody at the police station and taken by the police straight to court at the next opportunity (usually the following morning). If you request Maguires Solicitors at the police station we will negotiate with the police to try to get you bail in this situation so that you do not spend the night in a police cell.

If you have not been arrested, but think that the police may wish to speak with you please get in touch with us and we can look into this on your behalf.